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Policies Update (Concerning the Chat)
Hello again. Brumby here, with an announcement about an update to policies.

I've updated the chat policies.
Recently, there have been complaints that some unwanted roleplays might have been taking place in the main chat. Alright. But please define an 'unwanted roleplay'. Was someone perhaps engaged in other-than-foot-fetishism themed roleplay? If that was the case, then yes, that would be an unwanted roleplay. We are a site about foot-fetishism. None of us would likely be keen to see, for example, a pair of furs engaged in ordinary copulating. However, if any of our members are engaged in a type of foot-fetish roleplay, then that would not be an unwanted kind of roleplay. It would in fact be, a roleplay that this site was created to cater to.
We are an adult website. We cater to adults. We cater to adults with foot-fetishes. This may include themes up to and including footjobs, trampling and even crushing of micros underfoot. Members are asked, and required to be tolerant of these activities, even if they take place in the main room of the chat. These sorts of things are what we are here for. If you want to have a discussion with someone without the distraction of the roleplay, then the only choice is to take the discussion to a private room. In fact, this is now required. Our site is about exploring foot-fetishism. Members are free to do so in any venue provided by the forums. They shall not be deterred from, called down for, or curtailed in any way.
Hope to see you in the chat. Brumby - Eccentricities Host & Head Administrator
A Quick Footnote Concerning the Lurker Policy
Hello again. Brumby here, to say a few things about our lurker policy.

For a long time, since just about the site's inception, we have had a pretty strict lurker policy. The reason being for such a policy is we had pretty limited bandwidth and not a lot of server storage. I am pleased to say though, that I have decided that this policy needed to be lifted. I removed the policy, and all of its associated software infrastructure (we had a system that automatically purged lurkers), to allow people as much free access to the site as they wanted.
The reason I've eliminated this policy was because, for one, I wanted us to have a more open and welcoming website. Secondly, and just as importantly, we have the server bandwidth and storage now to support its removal. People can now come and go as they like, view the forums as much as they like, all without ever being asked to become actual participants in the community.
We are a very active and vibrant community, though, and we love it when people decide to join in. If you've been hanging around a while, you've probably come to realize this for yourself. So why not join on in? Be a part of the community! Become an active part of what, over the years, has made this site so great! I know I, for one, would love to see this community grow. As it grows, a community becomes even more active and becomes a great deal more vibrant! Join up today and become a part of Eccentricity's active community!
Hoping to see you here! Brumby - Eccentricities Host & Head Administrator

A Few Addendums, Announcements and Fixes
Hello again, everyone. Brumby here.

We got a few things done around here over the last few days. Not the least of which, is the Policies page. RipRoarRex used his journalism skills to rewrite it and condense it into something worthy of his skill. It is a very easy and quick read now (about ten minutes), so go and have a look.
The MUCK is no more. We removed the service from our system. No one was using it anymore, so we just took it off the site. Besides, our chat service is far better than a MUCK was anyway. That and people just seem to enjoy it. So we're just going to be going with that instead. Apologies if anybody had plans for using the MUCK. We just didn't see the need to keep it around, as nobody was using it. Expect the MUCK thread to disappear from our Reference and Resource center within the next couple of days.
I've updated the link to the Rexilla game download button. It's been broken now for ages. The problem was, Diablo uploaded a newer version of the game, with a different name, and forgot to tell any of us. Well, that's been fixed now. So any of you newer folks who're into trampling want to try out the game, it'll be as easy as clicking that button at the top of the forums to nab it!
Kampfer and Night are well underway with the start on our new forum software. Be expecting a screen shot or two to start appearing every now and again. Right now it's just in its basic state with a template laid over it. But before too long, after our two resident staff artists have had some time to work on it, it will start to look like something worth showing.
That's all for now. Keep an eye on this here section for news to appear. I'll be updating it on a fairly regular basis from here on out.
All the best! Brumby - Eccentricities Host & Head Administrator

Brumby to Return as Head Administrator
Hello, everyone.

I have decided to return and resume my old role. My resumption of my responsibilities took effect yesterday, 8-10-2015. If anyone has any questions, comments, or just want to chat me up, I'll always be available by PM.
More information can be found here.
Brumby - Eccentricities Host & Head Administrator

Forum Maintenance
Eccentricities will be undergoing some maintenance on July 14th. There will be two outages at 04:00 & 22:00 UTC, we do not expect either of them to last more than an hour. During the maintenance the site will be unavailable. Once the maintenance is complete normal service will be resumed.
~ Flibolimay - Eccentricities Webmaster ~

Happy New Year!
Another year has come to pass, for many, like me, this is welcome. 2014 was an eventful year that also seemed short. A lot happened throughout the world: We lost a beloved comedian. Ebola showed it's face once again. We lost loved ones to plane accidents and other tragedies. But it was not all bad. We had friends turn cold to a fresh bucket of ice water poured over them to raise awareness for ALS. We landed a probe on an Asteroid, a 6.4 billion mile journey to an object moving at 84,000 mp/h (135,000 km/h). We've done some incredible things this year too, despite the issues it's had. But that is how every year goes, and as it comes to a close, we look back to remember the good things we've done, and look forward to topping the last year.
I've been Head Admin for a little less than a year now, and I'm looking at my own progress. I've come a long way, for those who have read a little bit about what has happened in the past and the work I've done to move forward, you know what I'm talking about. 2014 was a big year for me, and a lot has changed. I can only thank all of you for the help along this path. Without all of you, I couldn't make it to where I am. I may not know you all personally, I may not have seen you around the forums much. But hear me, being a member of this site, every single one of you, makes me feel more and more accomplished. I'm proud to have everyone here, especially our wonderful staff. Without you guys backing me up, and being there to help things run smoothly, I would most certainly be in a heap of trouble. Thank you all for being a big part of this forum's success.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Fuz-Butts and Paw-Lovers, Thank you for a wonderful 2014. Be safe tonight, party hard, and...
WELCOME TO 2015!!!
~ Kampfer - Eccentricities Head Administrator ~

Donations to Eccentricities closed
Further to the announcement posted earlier this month concerning the future of donations to Eccentricities, staff has decided to cease the sponsorship scheme for the foreseeable future. Our need for member funding has significantly diminished due to a change in circumstances, and the site is no longer at risk of closure.
As such, we have chosen to suspend contributions until such a time as there is a clear and motivated purpose for taking any further funding from the community. Our sincere gratitude to everyone who has pledged their support to the site, both past and present.
For full details, click here.
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Future of donations to Eccentricities
Our founder Fearchar recently posted an announcement encouraging donations to the site as we were experiencing a shortage of funds for maintaining server costs. Thanks to our generous members, we have since received plenty of contributions which have alleviated this problem, and coupled with Fearchar taking on a new job, our need for sponsorship has been significantly reduced.
As such, staff is currently discussing the future of donations to the site, with the possibility of either ceasing contributions or reserving them for software upgrades. All members who have previously pledged to the site will be contacted and an announcement posted in due course.
Thanks everyone,
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Who to contact on Eccentricities staff
In light of recent staff changes, a slight misunderstanding has emerged over who to PM about any issues. Since Brumby and Presston have left the staff, there is a whole new staff list that has been updated in the column on the left hand side (as shown here).
Please, if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact any of the fellas shown in this list and they'll gladly assist in any situation.
~ Drago - Forum & Chat Moderator ~

A long overdue hello
Hello everyone, my name is Kampfer, and as of 05-05-14, I have been given the honors of taking Brumby's place as the Head Administrator. Along side myself, Flibolimay has also become the Webmaster in place of Presston. Where as you may not all know me, I hope in time I get to meet you all. The site means a lot to me, even if it does not seem like much to others, which is why I want to do anything I can to make everyone's experiences here top notch. Please do not hesitate to message me directly if you have a concern, or one of the many other fine members of staff.
Something we will be trying to attempt over the course of the next months is finding someone who is capable of handling events, something that regardless of preferences, we can all come together to enjoy. As you have seen, Lupino has made attempts to start those events, and he would like the community's help figuring out what events to run. If you have something you like to do, and think it would be an awesome way to have fun here, please let Lupino know.
It is with a proud heart that I welcome you all to Eccentricities as the new Head Admin, and I hope you all enjoy the new attractions as they come!
~ Kampfer - Head Administrator ~

Kampfer to become new Eccentricities Head Administrator
Our Founder and Head Administrator Brumby is preparing to launch a new venture away from Eccentricities and the furry fandom. It is a project which he has great personal ambitions for, and he is set to divert a considerable amount of time and effort into making it a success. As such, over the next few weeks, he plans to step down from his role as Head Admin, with Kampfer selected to replace him. Our Web Master Presston will also be moving on to assist Brumby, therefore Flibolimay will be stepping up from Assistant Web Master to take his place. Click here for more details.
Congratulations to Kampfer and Oli, and best of luck to them in their new roles!
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Sign up for Eccentricities' MUCK!
Looking for a fun environment to enjoy some furry foot fetish roleplay? Why not create your own character in Eccentricities' MUCK!
Signing up is now easier than ever before: just click on the "MUCK Signup" button in the left-hand navigation bar, fill in the form with your member and character details and staff will get you set up. Better still, there is no limit to the number of characters each member can have!
If you want to learn more about our MUCK - or have no idea what a MUCK is - click here to learn more, or check out our 'MUCK Know-How' forum for handy tips and instructions. And if you have any problems signing up or have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact staff.
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Changes to Latest Attachments display
In order to give foot fetish artwork by our members more exposure and minimise the number of off-topic images or photographs presented on the homepage, we have made a few adjustments to the way in which our "Latest Image Attachments" section operates. The section will now only display attachments from posts made within the following forums (and sub-forums therein): Attachments in posts made anywhere else on the forums will still operate as normal, but they will now not be included on the homepage display. If you have any questions about the changes or if you are unsure how to attach files, feel free to contact staff.
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Interested in an openCanvas-style drawing program here on Eccentricities?
We're currently investigating the possibility of installing some software on Eccentricities Forums that will allow members to take part in live collaborative drawing, similar to programs like openCanvas but hosted on our site for all to use. The program that we are considering is called White Board which would integrate well with our chat software. However, at $300 up front plus $10-per-month costs, it's not cheap.
In order for us to decide whether this is worth investing in, we are currently seeking donation pledges from our members to go towards buying the software as well as surveying how much interest there is in having such a program on Eccentricities. Please see this thread for more information about the software and to find out how you can make a pledge.
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Sign-up problems for Hotmail users
We've recently noticed an increase in the number of members who are having difficulties activating their account upon registering for our forums. The problem appears to be linked to users registering with a Hotmail email address who do not seem to be receiving their activation emails.
Regretfully this is not something we can resolve as the problem is not at our end - our software is sending out the emails, but since Microsoft's recent update to the Hotmail software in line with Windows 8, they don't appear to be getting through.
It is difficult to say when or whether this problem will be fixed at Microsoft's end, so in the meantime, we recommend you register for our forums using an alternative email client (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail). If you do have to register with a Hotmail address, please contact staff if you have any problems and we can activate your account for you. Thanks everyone,
~ RipRoarRex - Eccentricities Vice Administrator ~

Reminder - Posting/Linking Images From FurAffinity Does Not Work
Hi folks,
It's great to see an increase of artists registering for Eccentricities Forums recently. We know that many of our members have accounts on FurAffinity (FA) too, and quite often they like to share images from FA here on Eccentricities.
However, the problem is that FA has their image-linking system disabled as a means of conserving bandwidth. This means that if you attempt to embed or link an image hosted on the FA server (i.e. files with a "d.facdn" address") into a forum post on Eccentricities, the images/links may work correctly for you, but everyone else will either receive a blank window or a 403/404 error message. This is because files on the FA server cannot be viewed anywhere other than FurAffinity itself.
As such, if you wish to share an image on Eccentricities, we recommend using our handy attachments system, available to the right of the Advanced Posting screen (click here for instructions). This will ensure the image displays correctly and also prevents any visibility issues caused by mature/adult tagging.
If you require any help with uploading images, feel free to contact a member of staff and we will be happy to help. Thanks everyone!

Running Tally for the Chat's Avatar Project:
Hello, everyone! This is the area where we will be keeping track of the donations made by members for the Chat's Avatar Project. In this block, a running tally will be kept, along with a list of the people who have donated to the project. Details of the project can be found in this thread. If you have any questions about the project, Pawseeker is your fur!
Also, once the project has been completed, this block will remain on the News Block queue, so people will know from then on out, who donated to the Chat Avatar Project!
Amount Received to Date: $90
Fursons Donated:
  • Shadow, flibolimay, Greer

A Reminder About Donations
We are always very grateful to members who decide to donate to Eccentricities and help us to meet our running costs. Indeed, we recognize all donors to our site in the list of Sponsors on our Donations page.

However, for anyone wishing to donate to Eccentricities via PayPal, please be sure to include a note about who you are on this site if your Paypal email differs from your registration one. Or, you could just send Brumby a note to let him know you have donated to the forums - just some way to let us know, so you can be recognized for your generosity on the forums! If you wish to remain anonymous, please make a note to this effect in your Paypal donation, or be sure to otherwise let Brumby know that, too.

Thank you!

Eccentricities Store is Back!
That's right! And we're back with a whole new provider!!
Zazzle's products are superior to those of our last provider, and on top of that, they run regular sales and incentives on the products that our store carries! And if that wasn't enough, every time you purchase a product from our store, we earn a couple of bucks. You get what you want and get to help out your favorite forum, too! Like, how cool is that? 
We're just getting the store open, so right now, we're a little short on products. What we do have there is pretty cool, though. A couple of nice T-shirts, some seriously nice posters, and even a super nice mug featuring the artwork by our very own Kane!
Come check us out today! Come visit the all new Eccentricities Store!

Lurker Purge Policies Revised - Purge System Updated
And a Personal Note from Brumby
It has come to my attention that there have been a great many non-active registrants accumulating on the forums. Moreover, many of these non-active accounts have been used for only browsing through artwork, but never for participation.
Eccentricities is a privately owned and privately funded forum. Despite this, we do have a respectable amount of bandwidth and a good server, but still these services have limitations. Eccentricities cannot afford to have dozens (often hundreds) of non-participating accounts lingering on the forums, consuming these limited server resources and bandwidth, and especially doing so by coming on to only look at art, which consumes these resources the most.
We had a lurker purge system in place before which extended a great deal of leniency to new members. It has become clear that this leniency has been abused. We are a privately owned and funded service, and the consumption of resources by these loitering accounts is rising to the point where I need to make some significant changes to our purging policies.
The new Lurker Purge policies are as follows:
  • 14 days, 0 posts
  • 29 days, only 1 post
  • 60 days, only 2 posts
If your account falls within the above criteria, it will be purged. You may register a new account, but if you choose not to participate with it, it will eventually be purged as well.
I apologize if this causes inconvenience, but as the site's owner, I have to look at what the site is costing, and what I need to do to keep costs down. If I cannot keep costs down, then I will either need to start asking for subscription fees, or be forced to eventually close the site down. I conducted a manual purge just before writing this change of policy. Over 300 non-participatory accounts were deleted. That is just far too much. The Internet is not free. Somebody is paying for it. In the case of Eccentricities, there is only one person paying for it, and that person is me.
Please don't lurk. Eccentricities has gained enough popularity in the fandom so that people are hearing it about and are coming to check it out. If I have to put up more money to up the site's performance to accommodate participating members, then I am more than happy to do it. I have no intention, however, of allowing myself to be forced to do so for lurkers.
You lurk, you get purged. It is a regretful thing to be forced to do, but it is a thing I am being forced to do.
--Brumby - Eccentricities Head Administrator
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